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Quenepa (Spanish Line, Mamoncillo) in a Fork with Puerto Rico Flag.


The Quenepa is a small fruit with an average of 3-4 centimeters and have a round oval shape. The pulp is gelatinous and some times fibrous and chewy. Is very common to see it in different parts of Puerto Rico but mostly in Ponce. During the Quenepa season, which usually runs from summer to fall, you can get a branch "On the Go" through different vendors that are always selling on the side of the highway road in Ponce, near the toll area. 


Why in a fork? For safety and avoiding any choke, many parents tend to put the fruit in a fork so kids can enjoy it. 


Waterproof Sticker 

Size 3" x 1.5"

Quenepa Boricua

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